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Industry Information

Industry Information

23 2021-05

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Our products cover sensor soap dispensers, sensor faucet, external inductors etc high-tech products which  adhering to our original intention “living for quality, serving for high quality ”, and offer
22 2021-05

What are the advantages of choosing an automatic sensor faucet?

Faucet is one of the indispensable hardware parts in the home space. Inductive faucet is easy to use and has no open and close operation. It is commonly found in hotels and other public places, and has gradually become the first choice for many home decorations. The automatic induction faucet is opened and closed through the principle of infrared reflection. Compared with the traditional faucet, the water saving rate can reach more than 60%.
21 2021-05

Is the sensor faucet safe?

In the toilets of many shopping malls, you can see the sensor faucet. It uses the principle of infrared reflection to achieve water. The faucet needs to be connected to a power source. Is the sensor faucet safe?
20 2021-05

What does the soap dispenser do?

With the rise of the social economy, soap dispensers were mainly a must-have for some star-rated hotels before this, but now people are increasingly demanding material life, and soap dispensers are slowly entering the family, many people still don’t know. , Soap dispensers mainly include stainless steel soap dispensers and plastic shell soap dispensers, as well as single-head and double-head soap dispensers. Today, I will share the advantages of soap dispensers.
19 2021-05

6 bathroom cleaning tips

Because the bathroom environment is relatively humid, faucets, shower heads, ceramic tiles, wash basins, toilet covers, mirrors, etc. are all high incidences of water stains and soap stains. Stain is not only ugly, but also easy to breed bacteria, and close contact with us affects our hygiene and health.
18 2021-05

How to choose a suitable faucet for the bathroom

In family life, choosing a suitable faucet is very important, and it plays an important role in daily bathing. So, how to choose a suitable faucet?

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